Aug 2023 Newsletter

August 15, 2023

Dear Collaborators and Colleagues,

We are pleased to publish the third issue of the Newsletter for the Columbia/AFRL Center of Excellence on the Neuroscience of Decision Making (Neuro-COE). The Neuro-COE represents a multidisciplinary, multimodal and multiscale effort for elucidating the neural mechanisms of decision making, especially under stress, time-pressure and fatigue. It represents a collaboration between biomedical engineers, neuroscientists, computer scientists and psychologists, both at Columbia University and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The newsletter, which will be published quarterly, will provide a summary of activities and events that the Neuro-COE has held or sponsored, as well as overviews on the collaborative research we are conducting. The newsletters will also provide information, including links to resources, which might be of interest to the community. We encourage you to participate in Neuro-COE and look forward to collaborating.


The details of Newsletter can be viewed here: Download